As in real estate, in the world of design, location matters. A ho hum property can become a coveted abode when moved from one side of the street to the other. While one place is average with a view of a fire escape, the other has a view of snow-capped mountains. Although they may be a mere block apart, they have drastically different effects on your psyche.

These mugs are a perfect illustration of a similar principle in design. The main body of the mug is fairly ordinary. Then there’s that handle. Doing it’s own thing, just a nudge south of where most handles reside. And voila! Something quite superb. Not your usual cup o’ joe. More like coffee-plus- with a clear view of the mountains.

I imagine, as I have yet to get my winter cold hands around one, that drinking out of these beautiful Heath Ceramics Studio mugs feels a little better, puts a little more pep in your step, tastes a little brighter than your usual cup o’ joe. Not because your coffee is any different in them, but because one little loop moved from it’s ordinary location, may be even better than coffee at waking up your senses.