This month’s love falls into the mid-mod category, one of my admitted all-time favorites. Although it has gone viral over the last few years, when done right it still hits that sweet spot. Whether the real-deal vintage piece or a new piece done with purist materials (in an earthy palette with solid geometric forms) there’s nothing like a good Mid-Century flash-back to move you forward!

1. 50’s white laquer walnut dresser, Glo at,  2. Postalco Calfskin Envelope, The Shop at CooperHewitt, 3. Pyrex Kettle, Moss Online ,  4. Graham Sofa, Ralph Lauren Home , 5.  Symmetry Ceramic Double O Tile, Ann Sacks, 6. Cutter Tripod Searchlight, Ralph Lauren Home, 7. Grupo Corpo Ring, H. Stern, 8. Night and Day tea towel, the Shop at Cooper Hewitt