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Thanks Mackenzie Horan of Design Darling for the cool feature on Studio Bon founder, Bonnee Sharp, and color pallettes from the Rue issue 4, studio bon feature. See it on the Rue blog here!

(And if you like this tailored wide-stripe dress as much as Bonnee does, visit the source, Kate Spade, here for more similarly inspired finds!)



You know that giddy feeling you get when a gift comes wrapped inside another?  Like Tiffany anything inside that iconic blue box? That’s how it feels to open a candle from Voluspa.  A favorite intern once generously gave me such a gem. An ornate, but generously sized flocked white box covered in a gorgeous silvered scallop pattern. Ltd. Edition No. 61. was written across the front in delicate platinum script. The kind of accoutrement Marie Antoinette would have expected in her boudoir every morning as she was powdered from head to toe.

Alas, this was just a prelude. Wafting from between the seams was the most exquisite scent.  The treasure inside labeled Fleurs de Fete. I was transported by a symphony for the senses. One gift, 2 pleasures. Like a Russian nesting doll of happiness. Pity I must return to earth after a mere 100 hours.

While I was unable to locate the limited edition in the silver lined milk glass I so luckily received, I quickly found these other gems by Voluspa. The package design alone is enough to warrant a cigarette, if I were the smoking type…

Although March is quickly coming to a close- I wanted to post some inspirational finds for the month. With the hope of passing along a little dose of design done right, here are a few shapes, colors and materials that when assembled in just the right way certainly hit that sweet spot in my book. I’ve always thought half the battle of great design is recognizing it when you see it, the other half includes recognizing why it is great and using those rules and observations to make mediocre design phenomenal. Here’s to inspiration in it’s many outstanding forms!

1. Arillo Vaseby Venini, Barneys, 2. Stilnovo Floor Lamp, Downtown, 1stdibs, 3. Bound Rocker, David Weeks, 4. Lunda Necklace, Calypso, 5. Daybed by Raphael, Pascal Boyer Gallery, 1stdibs, 6. Silver Moroccan Pouf, Jonathan Adler

Cool feature on Studio Bon Textiles founder Bonnee Sharp’s home in this month’s Rue Magazine issue #4! So pleased about the great spreads on her home and the abundance of bright beautiful textiles in action! Check it out here.  (starts on pg. 216)!

Like the DoubleMint twins, some things are just meant to be together. Although we don’t design patterns in two’s, per se, a similar aesthetic certainly runs throughout the hand-printed studio bon textiles collection. In response to the ever-changing color reports issued from prognosticators in fashion, interiors and home products we wanted to pull a few duos we love.

Because it’s hard to go wrong when working in black or navy, we’ve paired the two with Phlox and Cedar, respectively, drawn from Pantone’s Fall 2011 Report. We imagine the bright accents in lush silk velvets and nubby wools to accent the crispness of the featured studio bon hand prints. So, without further ado- Enjoy! Enjoy!

1st Row:   floral Blossom, Studio Bon Textiles, waves: Richter, Studio Bon Textiles, purple: Phlox, Pantone,

2nd Row:   waves: RicRac, Studio Bon Textiles, floral: Sally, Studio Bon Textiles, green: Cedar, Pantone,

After our recent tufting and nailhead finds we thought trim a natural next feature. After all, who doesn’t love a good piped welt or colorful woven tape to prepify a room! Defining unique sihouettes, striking a bold pose on upholstery cushions, and bringing an edge to a few favorite frames… what better way to highlight the stars in your room than with a lovely little line!


1. Edward Ferrell, Weston Sofa 2. Jan Showers, Syrie Chair  3. Beeline Home, Red Tape Bench 4. Bill Sofield for Baker, Wren Tufted Chair 5. Lewis Mittman, Dromadaire Sofa 6. Jan Showers, Daphne Chair 7. Bourgeois Boheme Atelier, La Siene Chair  8. Old Hickory Tannery at Horchow, Taping Sofa

I think it’s safe to say Tom’s Shoes has a good thing going. Buy one pair and they give one to a child in need- for free! Unconventional business model, off-the chart growth, and unprecedented corporate generosity. Now, that’s a trifecta we should all aim for!

The founder was the class behind me in college…talk about Big Man on Planet! What a great guy. The patterns are cool too…and these particular favorites are in stock (if you happen to wear a 5 1/2 or an 11). Guess I’m not the only fan. Oh Tom’s can’t you reissue these awesome styles x 2!!  And their generous mystique multiplies…

Studio Bon Textiles recently made the trek to a new and improved home in the Lakewood community of Dallas, TX. Although we’re in an office tower- a seemingly unusual home for a hand-printed fabric line- we really love our new digs!  After all, there’s finally room for our always multiplying samples, our bolts and bolts of fabric, and last but not least-our ever growing team! Several months in, I think it’s finally safe to say we are settled in quite nicely.

Not long after our arrival, our office building did some updating of their own (and chose to feature a different selection of our fabric on each floor!) There are certainly worse ways to be greeted in the morning… hello pattern, hello color! 

What a nice welcome to our latest home!

I recently unearthed a paper-bound pamphlet that once belonged to my interior-savvy grandmother called The First Official Window Decorating Guide, published in 1967 by Marie Graber. Beside the fabulous 2-tone black and red hand-sketches and frequent use of pom trim (one of my all-time faves) the chapter titles intrigue.  I can’t choose between ‘Unique Ideas for Clever Homemakers’ and  ‘Winning Ways with Windows in Your Home’.  Love it! As if every decorator was just waiting for 5 o’clock to roll around to pour a gin-and tonic from the living room trolley and pat herself on the back for a window well draped! Check out the retro cover… a dollar?

The greatest part is- the ideas are still salient. The problems still exist; short windows, uneven walls, bay windows… and the solutions and creativity still work. No doubt Marie loved fabric- her drawings exude excitement over the perfect interior solution. Thank you Marie Gruber for re-igniting my interest in the perfect window dilemma-solved!

House Beautiful’s April 2011 issue recently hit the newstands and we were delighted to find Ric Rac in Candy included in the timely “Preppy Fabrics” feature. The collage of beachy blues, coral pinks, and fresh greens have us yearning for warmer weather.

Anyone else ready for Spring time?