I recently unearthed a paper-bound pamphlet that once belonged to my interior-savvy grandmother called The First Official Window Decorating Guide, published in 1967 by Marie Graber. Beside the fabulous 2-tone black and red hand-sketches and frequent use of pom trim (one of my all-time faves) the chapter titles intrigue.  I can’t choose between ‘Unique Ideas for Clever Homemakers’ and  ‘Winning Ways with Windows in Your Home’.  Love it! As if every decorator was just waiting for 5 o’clock to roll around to pour a gin-and tonic from the living room trolley and pat herself on the back for a window well draped! Check out the retro cover… a dollar?

The greatest part is- the ideas are still salient. The problems still exist; short windows, uneven walls, bay windows… and the solutions and creativity still work. No doubt Marie loved fabric- her drawings exude excitement over the perfect interior solution. Thank you Marie Gruber for re-igniting my interest in the perfect window dilemma-solved!