Like the DoubleMint twins, some things are just meant to be together. Although we don’t design patterns in two’s, per se, a similar aesthetic certainly runs throughout the hand-printed studio bon textiles collection. In response to the ever-changing color reports issued from prognosticators in fashion, interiors and home products we wanted to pull a few duos we love.

Because it’s hard to go wrong when working in black or navy, we’ve paired the two with Phlox and Cedar, respectively, drawn from Pantone’s Fall 2011 Report. We imagine the bright accents in lush silk velvets and nubby wools to accent the crispness of the featured studio bon hand prints. So, without further ado- Enjoy! Enjoy!

1st Row:   floral Blossom, Studio Bon Textiles, waves: Richter, Studio Bon Textiles, purple: Phlox, Pantone,

2nd Row:   waves: RicRac, Studio Bon Textiles, floral: Sally, Studio Bon Textiles, green: Cedar, Pantone,