You know that giddy feeling you get when a gift comes wrapped inside another?  Like Tiffany anything inside that iconic blue box? That’s how it feels to open a candle from Voluspa.  A favorite intern once generously gave me such a gem. An ornate, but generously sized flocked white box covered in a gorgeous silvered scallop pattern. Ltd. Edition No. 61. was written across the front in delicate platinum script. The kind of accoutrement Marie Antoinette would have expected in her boudoir every morning as she was powdered from head to toe.

Alas, this was just a prelude. Wafting from between the seams was the most exquisite scent.  The treasure inside labeled Fleurs de Fete. I was transported by a symphony for the senses. One gift, 2 pleasures. Like a Russian nesting doll of happiness. Pity I must return to earth after a mere 100 hours.

While I was unable to locate the limited edition in the silver lined milk glass I so luckily received, I quickly found these other gems by Voluspa. The package design alone is enough to warrant a cigarette, if I were the smoking type…