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Though Donald Kaufman, Benjamin Moore and Pratt & Lambert enthusiasts swear by their favorite paint-makers and special formulas (admittedly, there are many to-die-for hues), my favorite color, for years, is offered by the very accessible Sherwin Williams. Not known for it’s impossible-to-aquire product I was supremely pleased to discover Intellectual Gray when painting my living room many years ago. I have since painted many other rooms, and upon request have passed the ‘secret’ color along to many who have admired it upon my walls. This grey is so soft so mutable as to work smashingly well with many an accent color- be it orange, yellow, red or pink! It is both warm and tawny, and never purple or green… the bane of any grey- in my book!

Which brings me to another favorite, and relatively recently discovered grey; OPI‘s fabulous nail color You Don’t Know Jaques. (gotta love the cheeky name!) While looking for an image of the bottle, I found In Style named it the Best Buy Dark Color in 2010,  yes I’m a little behind, but so so glad I found it! It is perfect in the way Intellectual Gray is perfect. It goes with any and everything, and you just can’t imagine the color being any more exactly-what-you’ve-always-wanted than it already is!

Ric Rac in Dove just happens to be the same such grey- if I don’t say so myself! This may be why it is our #2 most popular pattern and color of  over a hundred options we offer in the Studio Bon Textiles line. The color resonates in a peaceful and usable way- which explains why we can barely keep it in stock! I’ve tried to determine, for the last year, why this one flies off the shelf… We seem to have hit that grey sweet spot! It works in contemporary and traditional interiors alike, and in all those transitional spaces in between.

Below is a picture of Hilary, an SBT associate,  hanging an art installation before our shoot for Rue Magazine (see article here -on pg. 216) on one of many walls I’ve painted over the years in Intellectual Gray. Below is another pic of the room with the beautiful soft brown/grey walls. Perfect with the crisp white moulding!

And Voila! The perfect non-color color! Although their names are near opposites, Intellectual Grey and You Don’t Know Jaques have one thing in common. Peaceful grey perfection.


If you can’t be in Buenos Aires, why not incorporate a little ‘buenos aires table’, or two, into your life? I’ve been trying to get back to BA since my maiden voyage there in 2007, but don’t yet have my next trip planned. Thanks to Jonathan Adler’s deep trove of great designs, he invokes both the natural material, great design, and transporting feel of the great city into these petite and sensual side tables. Loving the alabaster tops and warm brown wood bases. Check them out here to be transported (minus the 9 hour flight!)

photos courtesy  Jonathan Adler.

This all-natural stacking baby toy by Little Sapling Toys is so basic, so elementary and so graceful. Something etsy offers in spades (if you look in the right places). The alternating maple and walnut rings are both stimulating and calming. The design has so much motion. It’s both beautiful and peaceful. Whenever I wonder ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ and ‘where can I get one?’ in the span of a minute I know the designer did something very right. Whilst my daughter will be wearing green this earth day, I will be thinking green, and trying to live just a little more basic. After all, beauty often resides in perfect natural simplicity.


1. Gustave Chair, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, 2. Silhouette rug, the Rug Company, 3. Simus the Rhino, David Weeks, 4. Cassidy Lamp, The Cross Design, 5. Wild Cuff, Calypso, 6. Maxim High Pouf & Ottoman, Mecox Gardens, 7. Stainless Steel Shiny Water pitcher,

What an honor to be featured in this great project! It was so very exciting to see two of our favorite patterns from the Studio Bon Collection in the HGTV Green Home 2011 on Saturday evening on HGTV. If you missed it click here for schedule of other air times! The house was beautiful, and green- so even more beautiful! To be chosen amongst, what we learned while watching, were very few patterned fabrics selected for the house, was very exciting indeed. And to see our babies, on air, was thrilling! (For more pics, click here) The are several more weeks to enter to win this great house… wonder if we should tempt fate ourselves?

If you have nothing better to do with your hopefully beautiful Spring Saturday evening, tune in to see the unveiling of the HGTV Green Home 2011 in Stapleton, Colorado tomorrow night!  The show airs at 8pm on HGTV and features Studio Bon Textiles patterns in 2 rooms! So very excited to see them in 3-D. Well, you know what we mean, in use…on TV!
Don’t want to give too much away, but below are two close-ups, from the HGTV Green House website, of the 2 fabrics they chose. Click here and here to see more pics of the full rooms! Or, tune in this Saturday, April 16th!

The perfect invitation is often clean, white and understated. It leaves the fun of what’s to come up to the invitee’s imagination. Today we wanted to share three such clean white slates which quietly, but not subtly, invite designers to dive in and create their own party. (They are practically begging to be made-over in a splashy stripe, fabulous floral or modern hand-print!)

This particular group of Louis XVI pieces are all available at And luckily for us all, the online antique marketplace has recently opened a physical location in the New York Design Center. They’ve claimed the entire 10th floor- over 33,000 invitation-packed square feet!

So next time our fabulous clients in and around NYC are on the hunt for the perfect sofa, chair or bench, head to the NYDC to the 10th floor 1stdibs showroom. (Just try to resist the invitation for creative expression which will most certainly beckon you.) Then stall the delivery truck (you will inevitably need) with street coffee and pretzels while you dash on over to the 8th floor of the D&D Bldg. to world-renowned fabric house F. Schumacher & Co! Select the perfect pattern from the splashy hand-printed Studio Bon Textiles line (we’ll call it your RSVP) and get ready to throw a house party with your now stellar vintage finds!


Oval Backed Sofa, Bench, Square-Backed Chairs

The rustic patina of brass and silver nailheads always grabs our attention! We love how this upholstery detail becomes a pattern of its own when framing a headboard, following the leader around a chair’s winged arm, accentuating a curved stool base, or making a drum of a classic ottoman. That’s one small detail with a big transformative punch! 

1. Jan Showers, Palazzo Bed 2. Victoria Hagan, The Jasper Club Chair 3. Baker Furniture, Alexandre Stool 4. Jayson Home & Garden, The Rivington Chair 5. Dana John – 1st Dibs, Modern Wing Chair 6. Beeline Home, Nailhead Sofa 7. Jayson Home & Garden, The Theodore Sofa 8. Bernhardt at Horchow, Adora Ottoman 9. Beeline Home, Tray Chic Ottoman

'XandO' in lilac + taffy(L) Pattern: Xando in Lilac + Taffy    (R) Pattern: Fuzz in Taffy

Spring has officially made its debut here. I’ve been meaning to stop and take a picture of the early blooming mountain laurels before they dissappear. They’re such a hearty southern vine with an equally amazing grapey scent! I took from them the inspiration of lilac & tan and created a few pairings from our studio bon line-up… It doesn’t hurt that Pantone is predicting big things for the hue this season. Ooooooo how I do love capturing something before it is gone- thank you trusty camera… how would I live without you? Fortunately for me although flowers are fleeting- fabric is forever!(L) Pattern: Stripedot in Lilac                 (R) Pattern: Oompa in TaffyLove this example of a beautiful lavender and taffy room by the talented interior designer Rafael de Cárdenas for model Jessica Stam. Pulled from Elle Decor! Lovely.

Photographer: Roger Davies

Excited by Pulp Designs’ use of London Bridge for a quilt in a child’s room, I wanted to share some cool (not-your-mother’s) quilts we had made with various patterns and colors from our collection. I had them made with Calvin Klein coat wool for the backing, gave a commercial quilter some cool quilt patterns to hold them together, then had my favorite workroom finish up the edges. So cozy, warm and fun! Just right for a chilly evening, but with the promise of spring in the pallette! If only Cape Cod, sea grass and a lobster bake were in my near future- I’d curl up with a good book, a glass of Sauvinon Blanc and hide out under one for the night!