'XandO' in lilac + taffy(L) Pattern: Xando in Lilac + Taffy    (R) Pattern: Fuzz in Taffy

Spring has officially made its debut here. I’ve been meaning to stop and take a picture of the early blooming mountain laurels before they dissappear. They’re such a hearty southern vine with an equally amazing grapey scent! I took from them the inspiration of lilac & tan and created a few pairings from our studio bon line-up… It doesn’t hurt that Pantone is predicting big things for the hue this season. Ooooooo how I do love capturing something before it is gone- thank you trusty camera… how would I live without you? Fortunately for me although flowers are fleeting- fabric is forever!(L) Pattern: Stripedot in Lilac                 (R) Pattern: Oompa in TaffyLove this example of a beautiful lavender and taffy room by the talented interior designer Rafael de Cárdenas for model Jessica Stam. Pulled from Elle Decor! Lovely.

Photographer: Roger Davies