The perfect invitation is often clean, white and understated. It leaves the fun of what’s to come up to the invitee’s imagination. Today we wanted to share three such clean white slates which quietly, but not subtly, invite designers to dive in and create their own party. (They are practically begging to be made-over in a splashy stripe, fabulous floral or modern hand-print!)

This particular group of Louis XVI pieces are all available at And luckily for us all, the online antique marketplace has recently opened a physical location in the New York Design Center. They’ve claimed the entire 10th floor- over 33,000 invitation-packed square feet!

So next time our fabulous clients in and around NYC are on the hunt for the perfect sofa, chair or bench, head to the NYDC to the 10th floor 1stdibs showroom. (Just try to resist the invitation for creative expression which will most certainly beckon you.) Then stall the delivery truck (you will inevitably need) with street coffee and pretzels while you dash on over to the 8th floor of the D&D Bldg. to world-renowned fabric house F. Schumacher & Co! Select the perfect pattern from the splashy hand-printed Studio Bon Textiles line (we’ll call it your RSVP) and get ready to throw a house party with your now stellar vintage finds!


Oval Backed Sofa, Bench, Square-Backed Chairs