Building a design scheme around a painting, outfit or color pallette has become a bit of a trend, as of late. Everyone from shelter pubs to fashion mags are experimenting by crossing design disciplines for inspiration. This outfit, from the inimitably crisp, tailored, spot-on-preppy style that is J.Crew, from their Summer 2011 ‘looks we love’, reminds me of how I imagine Daisy, from The Great Gatsby, would look if she hit East Egg in 2011. In the world of interiors, as in fashion, what works, is often translatable across many different mediums. Hence the trend, and success of, inspiration-borrowing.

This serene yet polished room, by Michael De Perno, was recently featured on Elle Decor. Its crisp, saturated, yet airy pallette defined by straight lines (broken only by punctuating organic forms) beckons me inward. I appreciate the primarily neutral schema with spots of earthy color throughout. Love love love this space and can see the above ‘Daisy’ kicking off her espadrilles and curling up on one of these streamlined sofas with a good book and stiff drink under a nubby blanket one cool east coast summer night. Although she wouldn’t be camouflaged in it, the room shares a light carefree sensibility with my J.Crew Daisy from the solid color planes to the clean lines and studied boheme style!

Cheers to summer (officially starting June 21st)… and to the many ways our wardrobe is influenced by and reflective of  the spaces, both figurative and literal, which we inhabit.

Room photo: Styled by Stephen Pappas • Photographed by Laura Resen