I must say I am VERY (yes I know all caps denotes SHOUTING) excited about our latest venture… or should I say adventure, Canada!

We will soon be available in Toronto and Montreal (within the month)!

Part of my excitement, beyond the obvious, stems from the fact that I have long been a HUGE fan of what Alexandra Yaphe, the owner and founder of Y&Co., has so articulately done with her showrooms. She has a fabulously curated group of luxury hand-printed textiles and hand-woven carpets which I have admired, from afar, for the past 7 years.  Y&Co. was the common factor among the multiple lines I drooled over, way back when, whilst I was designing interiors (and textile designer/manufacturer/business owner was but a figment of my imagination)!

So very pleased about our brand new partnership. Will post again when panels are hung and waving in this great place! I sense a couple of necessary trips on the horizon! Do you blame me?