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In August we received a fabulous submission for our Studio Bon in Context Photo Contest which we have been looking forward to sharing. (click here to see our illustrous winners!) Wendy Kaplan sent us these fabulous images of patterns Sally in Fire and Xando in Mink and Stone on these cool reimagined vintage chairs.

She opened her company, The Chair Affair, just 3 months prior to entering our contest, and has clearly hit the ground running! She calls Evanston Illinois home and it is there that she recovers vintage chairs and other upholstered pieces in bright modern graphic prints, then sells them to people in need of a little history with a lot of punch!

Here’s the description she submitted with her photos for the contest.

My chairs have an affinity for your fabric. The Pop Star Chair was a grandma-esque parlor chair, but once I put your Sally fabric in fire on it, it came to life. It both honors the original lines of the chair, and adds a unique modern perspective, not to mention a Wow! factor.

The XO chair – with your XandO fabric in mink/stone – is a classic mid-century chair with unique tapered legs and rich wood. I chose XandO because I loved the graphic design. It reminded me of Twentieth Century textile designer Alexander Girard, but with a 21st century sensibility, which is exactly what I wanted for these chairs. I also love the hand of the fabric – it’s natural and down-to-earth. 

Love her combinations of old world lines and graphic punches! A big thanks to Wendy and The Chair Affair for these inspired uses of Studio Bon Textiles!


We have been fortunate to receive some very generous editorial placement, as well as kind and enthusiastic words, from various press since our partnership launch with Schumacher in 2008. I am surprised and delighted anew each time we see our work in print. It’s like awaiting a much anticipated photo developing in the dark room. Each month we cautiously flip through the pages of our favorite pubs in hopes of catching a glimpse of our work through someone else’s lens.

I must say Elle Decor is a publication I have both long-admired and secretly hoped we would one day make it onto the pages of. If not for the recognition, or for reaching like-minded pupils of the world of design, for the company we keep when on the pages. Such stunning design work from residential and commercial projects, to featured products, to designer’s own homes, to (dare I say) the advertisers who flock to grace the non-editorial pages of this publication. It is the best of the best.

And to be here, I am greatly humbled and honored!

On another note, I was particulary tickled to hear that the editor of Elle Decor himself, Michael Boodro, came into the lovely Schumacher showroom in the D&D building on 3rd Ave. in New York, and requested our Oompa pattern for this issue. Floored.

Moving and exciting design lovers is what we aim to do with each pattern, each color, and each hand-printed yard. Thank you Elle Decor for featuring our e’r developing baby!

This fabulous fresh 50’s-inspired bowling alley is exactly where we’d like to be on a hot August (read 110 degrees) day like today! We received this original entry in our Studio Bon in (con)Textiles Contest and have been looking forward to sharing this original project since we received it!

This bold saturated pallette of fiery red and aquamarine blue was designed by Angela Camarda, senior desginer at design firm Lillian August, based in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Angela installed Studio Bon Textiles fabric in pattern London Bridge in Fire, like wallpaper (or even framed art!) in panels along the walls of this in-home bowling alley. Sure beats a game of tic-tac-toe before dinner…

Click here to see more inspired and sometimes whimsicle work produced by the talented designers at Lillian August!

(and really, who knew going to the basement could be so much fun!

So, we promised to start sharing images of the great work that was submitted by so many talented designers for our Studio Bon in Con(text)iles contest! (If you missed the winning entries, click here to be impressed!)  Did we mention that we have many many great projects that we can’t wait to feature over the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned for more!

What better place to start than with a ripe (cuddly, did we mention adorable?) new beginning…

We received this beautiful entry from Heidi Colleen of her sweet new avian- themed nursery. Her use of Wired in Pool on both the bumper and the window treatments were so well done, and the color of walls makes for such a tranquil baby haven, we were smitten at first glance. 

And what we simply couldn’t resist, of course, was her to-die-for adorable brand-new baby! Thank you, Heidi, for sharing this newest beginning with us. We are truly inspired and touched to be in such a beautiful part of your baby’s world!