This fabulous fresh 50’s-inspired bowling alley is exactly where we’d like to be on a hot August (read 110 degrees) day like today! We received this original entry in our Studio Bon in (con)Textiles Contest and have been looking forward to sharing this original project since we received it!

This bold saturated pallette of fiery red and aquamarine blue was designed by Angela Camarda, senior desginer at design firm Lillian August, based in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Angela installed Studio Bon Textiles fabric in pattern London Bridge in Fire, like wallpaper (or even framed art!) in panels along the walls of this in-home bowling alley. Sure beats a game of tic-tac-toe before dinner…

Click here to see more inspired and sometimes whimsicle work produced by the talented designers at Lillian August!

(and really, who knew going to the basement could be so much fun!