We have been fortunate to receive some very generous editorial placement, as well as kind and enthusiastic words, from various press since our partnership launch with Schumacher in 2008. I am surprised and delighted anew each time we see our work in print. It’s like awaiting a much anticipated photo developing in the dark room. Each month we cautiously flip through the pages of our favorite pubs in hopes of catching a glimpse of our work through someone else’s lens.

I must say Elle Decor is a publication I have both long-admired and secretly hoped we would one day make it onto the pages of. If not for the recognition, or for reaching like-minded pupils of the world of design, for the company we keep when on the pages. Such stunning design work from residential and commercial projects, to featured products, to designer’s own homes, to (dare I say) the advertisers who flock to grace the non-editorial pages of this publication. It is the best of the best.

And to be here, I am greatly humbled and honored!

On another note, I was particulary tickled to hear that the editor of Elle Decor himself, Michael Boodro, came into the lovely Schumacher showroom in the D&D building on 3rd Ave. in New York, and requested our Oompa pattern for this issue. Floored.

Moving and exciting design lovers is what we aim to do with each pattern, each color, and each hand-printed yard. Thank you Elle Decor for featuring our e’r developing baby!