Archives for the month of: June, 2012

1. Orange Okura Planter, Jonathan Adler 2. Patent Leather Belt, J.Crew 3. Filigree Waltz Lantern, Anthropologie 4. Red Canvas Women’s Red Strappy Wedges, Toms 5. Cork City Bracelet, Kate Spade 6. Voyage Bed, Kenneth Cobonpur


We hope you’ll forgive us for our missing-in-action status the past couple of months.  In addition to welcoming our newest member, Baby Beck, who’s growing by the yard…

We also have another important project in the works…a new Studio Bon collection is unraveling as we speak!
Inspiration boards jam-packed with pics of dreamy jewel-box interiors, color forecasts, paint chips, bits of ribbon, interesting textures, twigs and leaves, and endlessly morphing geometric shapes have all contributed to our soon-to-launch collection. Selecting the perfect patterns is such a difficult task when you are busy day-dreaming of the possibilities… what fun we’ve had!
Keep your eyes peeled-because we are approaching our reveal date!  Almost ready to share what we hope you’ll swoon over next.

…coming to a Schumacher near you in late August!