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Please join the folks of Studio Bon Textiles , (that’s us!!) this Thursday night, at 6:00pm, at the Dallas FLOR store (SE corner of Cole and Fitzhugh). We have something very very exciting to share with one lucky attendee…

Our very own Bonnee Sharp will be sharing her pattern journey with design enthusiasts and one lucky design lover will go home with this mod club chair upholstered in one of Studio Bon’s brand new (yet-to-be-released ) Fall 2012 patterns!ImageCome for sips, sweets and to mingle with other pattern-lovers! And if you’re lucky, you may just go home with the hippest perch yet to kick back and relax!

RSVP here!

We were incredibly flattered to be tapped by FLOR a few months ago when they asked if we would be willing for them to throw us an event to talk about PATTERN! um….yes please! You know we’re kinda big fans of great design, pretty pattern and fabulous FLOR tiles! …who isn’t?

Join us, and other Dallas pattern enthusiasts, August 30th, from 6:00-8:00pm, for sips and sweets and to hear Bonnee Sharp, founder and designer of Studio Bon Textiles,  share her journey to becoming a fabric designer and to hear about what inspires her work. Here’s a quick link to a feature about Bonnee  from FLOR’s fabulous blog.

If for no other reason, you must come to FLOR Dallas, on August 30th, in hopes of winning this gorgeous chair in this yet-to-be-released Studio Bon Textiles pattern! (We’re not even telling the pattern name yet!) The brand-spankin’ new Studio Bon Textiles collection will be out in a few short weeks, available through F. Schumacher & Co. around the country! 

Until then- get a piece of the new Studio Bon collection by winning this beautiful modern club chair in a graphic hand-printed 100% linen.

Bring yourself, bring a friend, bring a U-HAUL (if you’re lucky you’ll need it!) The chair will be going home with one lucky attendee…

FLOR’s current Dallas location is at the SE corner of Cole and Fitzhugh next to Salum restaurant.

Hope to see you there! RSVP here.

Unlike the 80’s commercial Dunkin was famous for, Studio Bon Textiles’ Friday morning ride didn’t end in powdered sugar sweetness.
Manufacturing, long on sweat, short on glamour, brought us here. This particular warehouse suburb was the latest stop on our journey from idea to creation.  Although no one met us with a cream-laced coffee or a wet wipe for our icing-glazed fingers, our arrival at the sampling outfit was, and always is, very sweet indeed.Many aspects of making your own product are as exciting as they are daunting. Anything that involves thousands of pieces, precise lining and cutting, and months of laborious hand screen-making, color trials and yard-at-a-time printing…fall into this category. Then again, the business of hand-printing  fabric is as much art as architecture. Getting one step closer to bringing our long-awaited collection to market is always exciting, even the parts that most people take for granted. Perhaps especially the parts we all take for granted.  I had to pull out my camera to record a glimpse of where and how our hand-printed patterns become 6 x 6″ samples, labeled and ready for designer daydreaming.  It’s easy to forget, when looking at a beautiful drapery in a gorgeous hotel bar- for instance, the steps it took to become. Not to mention the often beautiful spaces it traveled through on it’s journey.
Industrial process can be strangely mesmerizing, the dance between man and machine. The sheer vastness of space, the specialized and powerful equipment and the people working in concert to make something… from pieces that are otherwise unuseful. The energy that pulses through these particular cavernous halls,  begins its purposeful hum long before most of us enjoy our first sip of coffee. The buzz is inspiring.Our new collection is a mere number of weeks from launch. This stop, when all our bolts are made into samples, is very important. Hundreds of yards of fabric are lined up and cut (sandwich style) on pallettes, the pieces are then hand-serged (to prevent unravelling), and labels are applied one piece at a time. Not a job for the faint-of-heart. We’re talking upwards of 16,000 pieces when all is said and done. Soon we’ll make another early morning trip, with store-bought doughnuts in hand, to sample the fruits of our (and many many others) labors!

And that is sweet indeed.

A couple weeks ago we received images of a bright and cheery La Jolla bedroom designed by Andrea May.  This space was created with natural light in mind, using neutral linens, a bold rug and a pop of color!

The La Jolla bedroom features a custom bench upholstered in Studio Bon’s Bellows in Sun.

The custom bench planks a large luxiourous white bed with yellow and gold accents.  We love the piping detail that compliments our fabric oh so well, and those clear acrylic legs would make anyone feel as if they’re floating on a cloud.  And who doesn’t love a bold chevron rug?  We certainly think it adds a touch of interest to this light and airy space.

What a beautiful bedroom with simplicity and detail in mind, thanks for sharing with us Andrea!

Since we are clearly lovers of repetition we thought we’d note the lovely ‘pattern’ we’re seeing among our fellow athletes this past week…

60 medals thus far- 28 of them gold! (check out the medal standings here!)

(Another nice, dare we say pattern with his 18th gold medal Saturday night, and 22nd career gold-Phelps, we will miss you!) (check out his olympic medal journey here)

So exciting to watch and cheer…Gooooooooo Team USA!  Here’s to a big week 2 in London!