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FLOR 2013-03-27 025Thank you to the crazily talented women who joined us from Emily Summers Design Associates, Delphi Luna and Kristen Weeks, to the generous DWR folks who lent our team the cool Moebius side table, to our friends at FLOR who asked us to participate in this exciting design event, and last, but not least, thank you to the design-lovers who attended the event. SKMBT_C35130402163300We had so much fun putting together the FLOR rug we designed for the Design-Off last night. Ready to do it again! (see Bonnee’s design above!)

(our mid-mod rocker in pattern Pennant in Midnight + Prussian, which inspired the design for the rug, looked pretty handsome too, if we do say so ourselves!)FLOR 2013-03-27 023

pennant midnight navy

A great night was had by all.


Join us tonight at FLOR Dallas for a chance to win a Studio Bon-designed FLOR rug!  Click below for details.


There’s something irresistable about the crisp lines of a Greek frieze, no? We couldn’t help but be inspired by the order and symmetry the ancients relied on to tame the chaos of Athenian life. Geometric Greek Key designs ornamented pediments, currency, clothing and art… How would you use Studio Bon’s latest interpretation, ‘Greek T’, (available in 5 crisp bright colorways on a gorgeous heavyweight white linen), to add beauty and order to your interior?

Here’s how we’d use it!

Click here to see additional colors available in our ‘Greek T’ pattern.

Have you heard of The Bachelor Farmer?  If you’ve yet to discover this Nordic style restaurant featuring fresh produce grown on the roof of their building, you’re missing out-or haven’t visited Minneapolis, MN (but you should!)  Located in the warehouse disctrict, this one-of-a-kind restaurant was just named one of America’s best new restaurants by Bon Appetit.

…our connection?

Last spring we were lucky enough to work with Dallas-based designer Janet Gridley, in creating this custom three-color gingham fabric for The Bachelor Farmer’s outdoor awnings.  The colors were carefully selected by the Bachelor’s themselves (after many color trials) to match their unique style, and illustrate Janet’s crisp vision for their cozy hip space!

To see the menu and learn more about The Bachelor Farmers click here.  And don’t forget to contact us here for your next custom job!

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