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You don’t take a shower, you have one, a tablet is something you take for an ailment, not write on, petrol not gas, tap not faucet, trolley not cart (in the supermarket), boot not trunk (on a car), bonnet not hood (on a car), footpath not sidewalk, bitumen not pavement ( ie. the road), nappy not diaper, jam not jelly, jelly not jello…

No matter how you say it- Studio Bon Textiles is heading outback! Check out the amazingly well-repectecd global textile lines owner Tigg Hall carries at her eponymous showrooms, Tigger Hall, here. She is opening a brand new location in Sydney this month, which we are thrilled to be a part of, to compliment her time-tested and popular location in Melbourne. We are beyond excited to send our line across continents and over oceans to a great new audience of fabric and interior-lovers alike. If only we could have a shower, pack up our boot and hit the bitumen and be in Australia by morning!


Thrilled to be featured in this months Western Living, what a beautiful spread!western living coverwestern living interior


Since a good part of the country is experiencing some crazy cold weather right now, we thought it a great time to throw out a little color. If the winter runways are any indication, color is upon us. Not just for Spring and Summer but in the bleak mid-winter too. But why should your closet have all the fun? Bring some color to your interiors for an instant pick-me-up. Heaven only knows we could all use one this time of year! Here are some of Studio Bon Textile’s favorite patterns (in the perfect hues) to pair up with this seasons’ brightest trends! Enjoy, and Happy un-gray Friday from Studio Bon Textiles!


This is what we shipped today. Out of 150+ choices. 4 Red patterns. To 4 different customer in 4 different states. Go big Red! Apparently, great designers think alike!RedDay2


Hola Mexico! Studio Bon Textiles has jumped the border… Check out our newest distributor, Lantana Atmosfera Textil, owned and operated by the beautiful Diana Reta. If in Mexico, D.F.,  check out Lantana’s beautiful interiors and some of the most luxurious fabrics available, fortunately for us, now including Studio Bon Textiles! So excited to be available in Mexico!mexico.flag.snip

Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.
-Coco Chanel