Upholstered furniture is often the workhorse of the home. If you’re not sleeping or cooking, you’re probably sitting at home on your sofa with a relaxing drink and enjoying your favorite TV show or book. (Well, at least that’s what we would like to be doing). Considering this, it’s important that the family sofa or go-to chair be functional, sturdy, and comfortable. Now, let’s take a step back…isn’t it also important to enjoy the beauty our furniture adds to each room, as well? We at studio bon think so! In honor of our hard-working upholstery, today’s post is a quick glimpse at one of our favorite upholstery details…tufting.

1. Surround Lounge Chair, Niedermaier 2. Whitaker Bench in Malibu Sand, Jonathan Adler 3. Rockefeller Sofa, Jayson Home 4. Dickson Platform Bed, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams 5. Wescott Wing Chair, Bunny Williams