I remember pivotal moments in my childhood when a glimmer of the future revealed itself. Moments when I was starting, or more likely on my way to becoming, the artist and textile designer that I now am.

At 10, I received my first polaroid, and spent roll after roll of ‘magical’ film on the giant elephant ears making a jungly chorus in my parents’ front yard. Earlier still… was an obsession over a certain pair of modern club chairs my parents inherited from my artist grandmother. At an age when most children were playing foursquare, I found myself daydreaming over teal chintz toile upholstery.

I arrived at tenth grade art class to be forever changed by the etchings of M.C. Escher and the phantasmagorical world of tessellations. I was mesmerized to learn how to make one shape morph into another while seamlessly fitting it into its neighbor. 

A decade later I gazed out my 12th floor window at an ad agency in Manhattan and dreamt of my perfect job: that of fabric designer, then went quickly back to work writing ads. 

Last was a random lunchtime sojourn (while working for a modern interior design firm years later) when I found myself knocking at the door of an old hand printing textile mill which I randomly stumbled upon after taking a wrong turn in a warehouse district.

Each moment brought me one step closer to where I am today.

Life-altering inspiration comes as often from the mundane as from the pinch-me-now moments. I invite you on my journey of inspiration. That which fuels me to create like so many have before me. That which is the warp and weft of studio bon textiles.

Bonnee Sharp

Founder/Designer, studio bon textiles

photo credit: Rob Brinson